The Dragon Dilemma by Jeff Pratt

What if the only way to slay the dragon...
...was to sacrifice the princess?

"The Dragon Dilemma" is an intriguing adventure novel in which a beguiling ancient puzzle leads to political intrigue and the search for dragons, literally and metaphorically, in both private and public lives.

Rob had quit the life-sapping rat-race of the City "to find himself" in the idyllic Cleddau Estuary of rural Pembrokeshire, West Wales, but he found himself broke and lonely, faced by a whole series of dilemmas.

His first dilemma was the girl, Josie, who could be a welcome distraction from his woes. But her passion was reserved for ancient history and the clues in the enigmatic manuscript that had come into Rob's possession.

Rob's second dilemma was the Red Dragon Syndicate that appeared to hold the clue to the manuscript. Who was behind the secretive organisation and what was their goal? Was it simply a rich man's investment club or were its aims much grander? Why were doors to the corridors of power being pushed opened for Rob? And why was Rob's friend being blackmailed to install electronic devices in key locations, such as the new liquid gas plant at Milford Haven.

But Rob's ultimate dilemma was to find a way out of the madness for all of them. As the clues in the manuscript unravelled, a deeper sinister puzzle revealed itself and the clue-hunters became the hunted.

Against a backdrop of an insidious terrorist campaign, Rob and Josie must enter the dragon's lair and confront their foes and their fears. From the hedonistic dreamworld of the Ionian Sea to the nightmare of the crypt at Lake Bala, North Wales, they face the ultimate dilemma: to allow fanatics to change the political landscape of the country, or to sacrifice everything and everyone they hold dear.

How would you face the ultimate Dragon Dilemma?

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Reader's comments:
Amazon - Briman: "I took a chance on this book as the author was new to me and certainly was not dissapointed, great story from begining to end clever and imaginative plot which moves at a fast pace,very good book well worth a read. looking forward to his next book"

Amazon - Bigfoot: "This is the first Jeff Pratt I have seen but nevertheless was a captivating read from the first pages. He got into his stride rapidly and gave us a gripping story with plenty of detail, written in the first person with an appealing self-deprecatory tone which I always like and reminded me a little of Robert Crais, one of my favourite writers. Worth a read!"

Amazon - Mrs C Ricketts: "A complicated storyline set in several locations making this a hard to put down book, with lots of twists and turns."

Amazon - Linda: "If you like mind-challenging Dan Brown-esque puzzles, this is one for you. Well-written and narrated in a dryly amusing way, the book is both entertaining and gripping. Un-put-downable. I will definitely buy his next book."

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Some old eReaders are not good at displaying pictures &/or tables etc, so all of the puzzle illustrations from the ebook can also be found on this website, and you may wish to print them.

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