Quantum Deception by Jeff Pratt

Book 1 in the ConunDrum series

"Quantum Deception" is an adventure story set in the strange & intriguing world of quantum science.

Finn collects puzzles and conundrums the way other people collect coins or butterflies. He also seems to collect a lot of problems.

Drum is a no-nonsense action man. He fixes problems for a living. Together they form an unlikely partnership determined to right some of life's wrongs.

In book 1 of the series, Finn faces the cold reality of a Pembrokeshire winter in his campervan, short on money and bereft of work, as he pursues his dream of being the next Dan Brown or Lee Child through his fictional hero, Drum.

In Drum's first adventure, he becomes involved in the death of a quantum computer scientist, with suspicion falling upon his wife, his employer, and rival quantum scientists. Drum has to suppress his own problems and weave a path through all the lies and deceptions. Then he must solve the 'Quantum Conundrum': where has the scientist hidden his quantum invention, a device potentially worth billions, and devastatingly disruptive if it were to fall into the wrong hands. After escaping a kidnap and a murder attempt, Drum takes the fight to the enemy, whoever they may be, and with his unique set of skills he seeks to flush out the guilty party and exact raw justice.

But even as Drum puts the fictional world to rights, Finn must face his own more domestic demons and try to garner some of Drum's grit and courage.

Can you solve the conundrum and work out who's deceiving who?

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Reader's comments on 'The Dragon Dilemma', another book by the author:
Amazon - Briman: "I took a chance on this book as the author was new to me and certainly was not dissapointed, great story from begining to end clever and imaginative plot which moves at a fast pace,very good book well worth a read. looking forward to his next book"

Amazon - Bigfoot: "This is the first Jeff Pratt I have seen but nevertheless was a captivating read from the first pages. He got into his stride rapidly and gave us a gripping story with plenty of detail, written in the first person with an appealing self-deprecatory tone which I always like and reminded me a little of Robert Crais, one of my favourite writers. Worth a read!"

Amazon - Mrs C Ricketts: "A complicated storyline set in several locations making this a hard to put down book, with lots of twists and turns."

Amazon - Linda: "If you like mind-challenging Dan Brown-esque puzzles, this is one for you. Well-written and narrated in a dryly amusing way, the book is both entertaining and gripping. Un-put-downable. I will definitely buy his next book."

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Some old eReaders are not good at displaying pictures &/or tables etc, so all of the puzzle illustrations from the ebook can also be found on this website, and you may wish to print them.

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