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Quantum Deception by Jeff Pratt

Book 1 in the ConunDrum series

An exciting adventure novel set in the weird world of quantum science. A groundbreaking quantum computer, a dead scientist, and a beautiful temptress - who's telling the truth?

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The Dragon Dilemma by Jeff Pratt

What if the only way to slay the dragon... was to sacrifice the princess?

An intriguing adventure novel in which a beguiling ancient puzzle leads to political intrigue and the search for dragons, literally and metaphorically, in both private and public lives.

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The Sudoku Inheritance by Jeff Pratt

Government Warning: Sudoku can seriously damage your health!

An intriguing adventure novel in which an impossible puzzle leads to a family fortune... family traumas, back-stabbing, double-crossing, sexual infidelity, career meltdown, nervous breakdown, financial intrigue, sea-sickness - some tears and some laughs.
Oh yes, and a few deaths!

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Killer Queen by Jeff Pratt

The sequel to "The Sudoku Inheritance".

The adventure continues with more family fortunes...
... plus more back-stabbing, double-crossing, infidelities, financial intrigue - more tears aand fewer laughs.
Of yes, and a lot more deaths!

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Chalet Man: 10 Years A Slave

An inside story of ski chalet life - warts and all!

You may have seen the movie 'Chalet Girl' wherein a naive young chalet girl wins a snowboard competition and wins the heart of the rich debonair chalet owner.
Well, this is nothing like that movie.
It's an inside story of real people in the ski chalet world, warts and all.

Hopefully, it'll make you laugh, or make you curse, and sometimes make you lose all faith in humanity (of the skiing variety).

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How To Get A Ski Job by Coco Cookery

How to spend the winter in the snow, and get paid for it!

The essential guide to landing that covetted job in the snow, whether you want to be a chalet host, barman, driver, rep, resort manager etc etc

Warning: one season might not be enough!

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The Chalet Host's Bible by Coco Cookery

All you need to know to run a ski chalet.

The essential comprehensive guide to keeping your chalet guests happy and having fun on the slopes. Packed with recipes and hints & tips about all aspects of chalet life.

Warning: one ski season might not be enough!

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