Jeff Pratt

IT consultant & author; the techy one.

After too long in mainstream IT, I delved into various businesses, including SME marketing, videography and e-retail, before settling on catering, training and writing.

Together with Anne, we run a cookery school specifically for those wishing to become ski chalet hosts, and in the winter we are ski chalet hosts (see Coco Cookery below).

We also offer various training and tech services to private individuals and small businesses, in collaboration with our many experienced colleagues.

And I love to write - usually stories with puzzles to solve!

Logic puzzles & games are my thing! Crosswords, sudoku, kakuro, chess etc etc.
My novels have a puzzle at their heart that the heroes & heroines have to solve before taking on the bad guys or saving the world. But the puzzles are set so that you the reader have an equal chance to solve them before the hero does. Or you can just sit back and let the hero do all the work! Either way, my wish is that when you get to 'The End' you'll say "great yarn, clever". Let me know what you think.

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Anne Pratt

Teacher, cook & author; the creative one.

I enjoyed working in adult education for many years, and I love skiing, cooking and all sorts of craft work. Our current lifestyle enables me to combine all my hobbies with a little work... living the dream.


Coco Cookery

Real world chalet cookery courses.

We train people who want to run a ski chalet. Our courses cover not only alpine cookery but also hygiene, menu planning, timing, budgeting, shopping, household management, guest relations etc etc - everything you'll need to know for a successful season in the snow.

See our website for details.

Warning: one season might not be enough!

Our partners

Experienced colleagues with that special customer ethic.

We work with a small bunch of highly-experienced partners who share our commitment to customer service, including: SME marketeers, accountants, eco-consultants, micro-technicians, health & workers, and even rocket scientists. If we don't know something then we can always find someone who does!


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