You take the shots, we make the video

Professional videos using your own photos & video clips

So you have a load of photos &/or video clips on your camera/ phone/ tablet/ laptop which you upload to Facebook, Youtube etc. But home-shot video is usually rubbish and boring because few people take the time, or have the know-how, to edit the video. Two hundred photos and an hour of wobbly/zoomed/dull video does not make an epic movie. It's not easy to achieve a great effect & it takes time - which is why we offer to do it for you.

Simply send the photos and video clips to us on an USBstick (or SDcard) and we will transform them into a great movie and upload to YouTube if desired, and send the movie back to you on the USBstick. In practise, a five minute video will capture the essence of many events and that's all you need. The trick is in selecting the appropriate photos/clips, using the appropriate special effects, and selecting the appropriate soundtrack. The keyword is appropriate. You can select from many styles of video: formal, funny, documentary etc, and you can select the music. Once we receive the clips then we can suggest the appropriate length and style.

The possibilites are endless: holidays, family reunions, business promotions etc etc - makes a great present for grandma!

Weddings - our speciality!

A wedding videographer will charge upwards of £1,000 and will no doubt do a great job. He/she will also be in your face all day, and some think they can direct the whole event! And unless they are exceptionally good they will miss the candid shots that occur away from the bride & groom. BUT your wedding guests are busy snapping all day long and their photos and video clips often tell a more heart-warming story than the professionals. True, the quality won't be as good, but modern compact cameras & phones take decent pictures in good light. A video is rarely spoilt by low-quality clips but it is often spoilt by posed-for photos with no soul! We'll even send you our booklet explaining clearly how to get the best shots at a wedding, so you can get your guests organised.

And we'll charge a lot less than a wedding videographer!

Contact us for more details.

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