Killer Queen by Jeff Pratt

Sudoku kills!

"Killer Queen" is the sequel to "The Sudoku Inheritance".

Having helped Jasmine and Sophia Turner solve the puzzle of their father's hidden fortune, Nathan has been unceremoniously washed out of their lives.

Now, Jasmine is keen to pursue an even bigger fortune starting with a clue in Venice, but without Nathan's puzzle-solving skills she's all awash too.

Sophia needs money now that her meal-ticket husband has died, and she isn't going to let any sisterly love get in the way of her comfortable retirement plans.

Guillame, their unpredictable brother, also needs cash desperately having blown his last windfall at the casino.

Insurance fraud investigators, Richard and Bridget, are hot on everyone's heels, asking many awkward questions, with a habit of appearing whenever one of Turner's many old mates is found dead.

With so much at stake, it's a brave (or foolhardy) soul who places himself between the siblings and the treasure.

Who can you believe?
Who can you trust?

Sit back and enjoy the ride as the puzzle unfolds,
or follow the clues and race them to a fortune.

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Reader's comments:
Amazon - Briman: "Having read and immensely enjoyed Dragons Dilemma by this author Sudoku Inheritance was a must read and certainly didn't disappoint,my being hopeless at cryptic clues and sudoku in no detracted from my enjoyment of this great fast moving novel with its interesting characters,plot and its twist in the tail ending. loved it,great read and looking forwards to the sequel."

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Some old eReaders are not good at displaying pictures &/or tables etc, so all of the puzzle illustrations from the book can also be found on this website, and you may wish to print them.

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